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Stepping out of the shadows

New offices, new beginnings

Salgado Investigations have moved into brand new offices. What that means is that we will be able to meet our clients in a relaxed, secure environment. We have also partnered with lawyers and we are in a position to offer Legal Services. That page is in Spanish as it designed for the local market. Our […]


That headline could easily read BURGLARS STRIKE DURING XMAS HOLIDAYS or any day of the week really. Someone I know was the victim of a burglary today. The thing is that it could have been prevented. The thing we need to be aware of is that Burglars are creatures of habit. They look to steal […]

Repossessions in Chile

It’s been an amazing week. We just got back after a 2000km round trip of our ‘División de Incautaciones‘ (Repossessions Department) where we dealt with over 25 cases including missing tractors, refrigeration machinery and various cars. We are agents for several large banks, financial houses and leasing companies, contracted by them to dispose of leased […]


My wife faced a dramatic day when she received a call saying that I had been kidnapped and that they were torturing me–this bastard even made her speak (supposedly) with me while being tortured. And they pressured her to transfer money… Sometimes, the story is that your loved one has been injured or that your […]


SEXUAL ASSAULT IN CHILE WHAT A FOREIGNER NEEDS TO KNOW The responsibility for preventing sexual assaults and rape lies with both men and women. It is part of a larger conversation we need to have with our sons about what it means to respect women and for us as men to know what a culture […]


He’d come back. As he had for the past couple of nights. Silent, watching her silhouette through the curtains as she picked up the phone. ‘Are you there?’ she said. ‘Yes’, I replied. ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere’. Little did he know the innocuous vehicle parked on the corner was a covert camera platform. […]


A leading UK Private Investigator has found that more than three quarters of workers have stolen from their current or previous places of work. The figures show that potentially over £432m of company goods, including laptops, confidential personal data, TVs, and even an office pet in one case are stolen in the UK each year. […]

Sitemap has arrived

In our ongoing battle to remain at the top of Google search engines for certain keywords and phrases, we have installed a new sitemap that will make it easier for Google to index the site and its inner pages.  “This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index […]

Bad News for Catch Me If You Can Defendants

A private detective agency has completed its third year in Chile, offering Lawyers from all over the world a way to serve process on those defendants who flee the jurisdiction to Chile in order to evade process being served on them.   SALGADO INVESTIGATIONS operates from it’s offices in Santiago, Chile since 2010 and has […]