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Salgado Investigations Declaración de Misión para Chile.

Hola Chile Nosotros podemos estar orgullosos de muchas cosas en nuestra vida. Una de ellas y a mi juicio la mas importante, la CONFIANZA mutua. Pero cuando las cosas van mal en nuestras vidas, es importante encontrar la verdad de porqué, todo ha salido mal. Esto llegará a ser de esencial importancia antes de dar […]

Salgado Investigations Mission Statement for Chile.

Hello Chile. We can be proud of many things in our life. One of them is when we trust each other. But when things go wrong in our life, it is important to find out the truth of why it went wrong. This becomes essential to our continuing onto the next step. Every detail will […]

e-LEGAL | – The UK’s 1st “OPEN” discussion forum for Investigators, lawyers and the general public. Join the buzz!

UPDATE: e-LEGAL GATHERING was bought by The World Association of Professional Investigators and all queries should be directed at them. _____________________________________________________________ PRESS RELEASE August 2007 Croydon based private-eye Jorge Salgado-Reyes of Salgado Investigations has launched the UK’s 1st “open to everyone” Private Investigator’s forum – dedicated to dispelling the myths surrounding the often shadowy world […]