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He’d come back. As he had for the past couple of nights. Silent, watching her silhouette through the curtains as she picked up the phone. ‘Are you there?’ she said. ‘Yes’, I replied. ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere’. Little did he know the innocuous vehicle parked on the corner was a covert camera platform. […]

Salgado Investigations anuncia apertura de oficina en Santiago de Chile.

Rodolfo Francois Zuñiga , Director Regional para Chile de Salgado Investigations ha anunciado la apertura de una oficina central en Santiago de Chile. Esta oficina ubicada en el corazon financiero de Santiago ( Providencia )  asegurara a nuestros clientes un espacio discreto y confortable  donde recibiran nuestra asesoria en diferentes materias de la investigacion privada. […]

“Papa cual es mi numero de RUT, para abrir una cuenta y jugar”

Hola amigos de Chile. Habia comenzado mi dia leyendo la prensa de los principales diarios de Londres, Madrid y Chile paises donde he residido, buscando algo interesante para escribir en este diario. No habia encontrado nada muy significativo para mi quehacer en el area de detectives privados y seguridad personal. Mi hijo acostumbra jugar videojuegos,unos […]

How to follow someone from afar

It’s Christmas day here and i am writing this blog from my home office. As I watch TV and catch up on some of my emails, I started to wonder why there’s more surveillance work in the months of September to December than at any other other time? Obviously as Christmas draws near, relationships that […]

Flying “spy drone” camera takes to the skies

It’s reminiscent of the Sci-Fi series “Dark Angel” where flying surveillance cameras kept tabs on the down trodden population of a dark future in a big city. Well, it’s here now in Merseyside. Read on – Jorge The UK’s first police “spy drone” took to the skies today. The remote control helicopter, fitted with CCTV […]