How to track a car

That was the title of someone’s blog and the tracker that they recommended was the new MINI GPS Tracker but it has certain limitations. It’s essentially a data logger that is it records the location and only after you retrieve the logger do you get the information.

Well what’s wrong with that, you might ask? Nothing if that’s what you want. But is there another choice?

Wouldn’t you like “live” tracking? Wouldn’t you like the tracker to send you a text message of its location every three minutes or even every minute?

Then the tracker that the professionals use is this one Live Tracker

The system is capable of sending you a text or an email of its location at any interval that you want. It’s completely covert and comes equipped with a magnetic mount. You can view the location on a web based map by logging in from anywhere in the world. It has so many features that I won’t bore you with the details here but suffice to say that its the professionals choice.