The UK’s 1st “OPEN” Private Detective forum?

I was looking around the world wide web yesterday wondering if there was a forum where UK based PI’s hang out and chat. I wouldn’t find a single one in the UK that was open.

So I decided to do one myself and started asking around for a good name. Neil Sheppard from Trident Investigations came up with “e-Legal Gathering”

The forum is targeted at all investigators regardless of which association or e-group they belong to and also appeals to lawyers and members of the public who are curious about the often shadowy world of the private investigator.

Carl Shepherdson from CS New Media set it up in an afternoon.

There’s still lots to do with it, such as designing a logo for it, we need to get some T & C’s etc but in the meantime…I hope you all like it.


UPDATE: The forum was subsequently bought by WAPI and closed down.