Salgado Investigations Announces Office Opening in Santiago, Chile

Rodolfo Francois Zuñiga, Regional Director for Chile and Latin America of Salgado Investigations has announced the opening of our central office in Santiago, Chile.

This office is located in the financial heart of Santiago (Providencia). He assures our clients of a comfortable and discreet space, where they will receive our advice and assistance in different aspects of security services and private investigations.

Rodolfo Francois Zuñiga, Director Regional of Salgado Investigations of Chile, said:

This is an exciting moment in our plans for expansion in Latin America. The projection and presence of Salgado Investigations will be consolidated in this phase of our expansion.

The decision with regards to the location was not by chance; an important percentage or our clients are foreign clients, due to security reasons, the location and the activity of businesses within Providencia, makes this a high standard location.

Salgado Investigations is convinced that this office will improve the service and attention that all our clients ought to have”.

Salgado Investigations, began its operations in Chile in 2009, specialising firstly as a process service, area in which it has invaluable background, mainly assisting clients from Australia, Spain, England, and the U.S. This together with a tri-lingual service and British know how allows us to offer a service of excellence.

Salgado Investigations has an “international know-how” in tracing, with logistic support from our head office in London, human resources, a network of professionals, and the latest high-spec technological resources that are the key to obtaining the best results in investigations.

Ashour Ebrahim, President & CEO of ADRIDEN GLOBAL INC has said of our service:

“It was also a great pleasure working with you in Santiago. You have a natural talent for undercover and HUMINT  work and that is a hard commodity to find”.

Salgado Investigations Chile, is proud to be able to carry out your investigative and security instructions at Calle General Flores, Officina 506, Providencia, Santiago, Chile (at Manuel Montt Metro).