Chasing Solicitors and Detectives Agencies for Debts

Well it’s the new year and I’m spending the whole day chasing solicitors and other PI’s for money that they owe me. Some of these debts are very old. One solicitor has owed me for the last six months and its only for a smallish amount. Everyone has the same excuse, “I haven’t been paid by my Client yet” and I understand the issues here but at the same time it’s not really my problem whether their client has paid them or not.

A colleague from a well known process services agency emailed me a small paragraph that appears to work with Solicitors, “We respectfully remind clients that any legal practice who refuses to pay until they are in credit from their client / Legal Aid Commission shall be in breach of “Practice Rule 1(d) referred to in the Guide to the Professional Conduct of Solicitors 1999 (8th Edition)” governed by the Law Society.”

I don’t really know what will work with my esteemed colleagues in the PI world but be warned, I will no longer be a soft touch and have retained a Debt Collection Agency, CRED-X to deal with outstanding invoices.

It’s a sad fact these days that you sometimes have to chase people for money that they owe you but I didn’t think that this problem would hit me worse with my own colleagues in the PI field.

Well that’s my rant over.