Salgado Investigates the DIY-PR and SEO UKBF Masters

I went along to the seminar organised by Duane Jackson MD of Kashflow. Duane has a regular get together that he does for TrustNetworkers.

On this occasion, two speakers were booked in, Andy Barr from 10Yetis and Ray Field of Tin Soldier Design. Both of these had a reputation to live up to from UKBF and so I was curious about them.

I arrived promptly at 6pm and found Andy waiting in reception all by himself. He was pretending to do some work on his laptop but I knew he didn’t want to look like billy-no-mates and so I joined him for a coffee.

Soon it was time to go in to the lecture room and after a short introduction from someone else, Andy Barr got up and started talking about PR. He gave a polished performance and a lot of good do-it-urself PR advice.

Andy Barr, 10yetis

Then Ray (Tin Soldier) Field got up and the room instantly stilled as he revealed some of the secrets of his dark trade. He covered everything from how to use Alt and other meta data to how the big G’s algorithm behaves.

Ray Field - Tin Soldier Design

Afterwards a lot of us went to the pub round the corner and I managed to get five minutes with Ray who admitted to having analysed my web site and he told me my site was “slick” but needed a couple of little tweaks here and there. Ray offered me a free hour’s worth of advice which I will take up at some point.

I met up with some cool people there, a lot of them from UKBF and I managed to get my report in to my Client about the events in the pub and the half an hour trek to find another watering hole after we got chucked out from the pub.

PI GUY & Duane Jackson & Tin Soldier


The following day I woke up to find my name plastered over two publications (due to 10yetis) and Maxim magazine – May edition, page 45.