The new John Connolly novel is out!

I have just ordered this book and it should arrive by Thursday.  I can’t wait. – Jorge

Synopsis: Daniel Clay, a once-respected psychologist, hasbeen missing for years following revelations about harm done to thechildren in his care. Believing him dead, his daughter Rebecca hastried to come to terms with her father’s legacy, but her fragile peaceis about to be shattered.

Someone is asking questions about DanielClay, someone who does not believe that he is dead: the revenger Merrick, a father and a killer obsessed with discovering the truthabout his own daughter’s disappearance.

Private detective CharlieParker is hired to make Merrick go away, but Merrick will not bestopped. Soon Parker finds himself trapped between those who want thetruth about Daniel Clay to be revealed, and those who want it to remainhidden at all costs. But there are other forces at work here. Someoneis funding Merrick’s hunt, a ghost from Parker’s past. And Merrick’sactions have drawn others from the shadows, half-glimpsed figuresintent upon their own form of revenge, pale wraiths drifting throughthe ranks of the unquiet dead. The Hollow Men have come …