How to follow someone from afar

It’s Christmas day here and i am writing this blog from my home office. As I watch TV and catch up on some of my emails, I started to wonder why there’s more surveillance work in the months of September to December than at any other other time?

Obviously as Christmas draws near, relationships that have cracks in them start to become visible and people with suspicions start to fear spending time alone on Christmas day and everyone wants to kiss someone at the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December.

But sometimes it’s best to know where your relationship actually is than to paper over the cracks during these holidays and make a brand new start in the new year.

Surveillance can be an expensive process especially if you are not sure exactly what, where, what time and with whom they are are “bumping nasties”?

And so I recommend that a GPS tracker is used for a few weeks or months before hand to gather that intelligence that will enable the Investigator to intelligently target the subject and gather the footage that is required for your peace of mind.