Pre Employment Screening Chile

Salgado Investigations operates throughout Chile and South America. We typically undertake pre employment screening Chile on behalf of companies and individuals who wish to verify that the information given to them by a candidate is accurate and complete.

[pullquote align=”left or right”]A report by MORI, the market research company, states that 7.5 million people confessed to misleading potential employers when applying for a job.[/pullquote]

Our employment checks verify:

  • a candidate’s basic details
  • place of employment
  • employment dates
  • positions held

Since we are private investigators, we are skilled at probing for in-depth information from previous employers to not only provide verification of employment, but to gain insight into the type of employee the candidate may make.  Our pre employment screening requests information about  the candidate’s overall work performance, attendance, reliability, ability to work with others, presentation, timekeeping, integrity, attitude and conduct.


In today’s marketplace, CV checking, verification and screening has become a very important aspect of the hiring process, as has pre employment screening in general. As the need for quality employees increases, the demand for comprehensive employment screening of applicants has become essential, and with the increasing number of Employment Regulations in western countries, it is simply impossible for businesses to make intelligent recruitment decisions without all the facts.


  • Reference Checks
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Identity Check
  • Financial Check
  • Academic Qualification Check
  • Professional Membership Check


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