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One of the techniques routinely used by investigators in the 21st century is the GPS tracker. It is used primarily to aid surveillance and to save money. Trackers were prohibitively expensive and they were big and heavy units. The prices of units have now come down to an acceptable level and a very good example […]

Micro-Stealth Tracker Review

Since I got this Micro-Stealth GPS Tracker I have put it through its paces, below is my full review of my findings. I ordered through the Virtual Spy Shop for £250, which states that all spy equipment sold is used by practising Private Investigators on actual surveillance jobs. The online ordering was easy and I […]

Salgado Investigations anuncia apertura de oficina en Santiago de Chile.

Rodolfo Francois Zuñiga , Director Regional para Chile de Salgado Investigations ha anunciado la apertura de una oficina central en Santiago de Chile. Esta oficina ubicada en el corazon financiero de Santiago ( Providencia )  asegurara a nuestros clientes un espacio discreto y confortable  donde recibiran nuestra asesoria en diferentes materias de la investigacion privada. […]

How to track a car

That was the title of someone’s blog and the tracker that they recommended was the new MINI GPS Tracker but it has certain limitations. It’s essentially a data logger that is it records the location and only after you retrieve the logger do you get the information. Well what’s wrong with that, you might ask? […]

GPS Trackers: Are they legal?

There are many views on this subject and a lot of PI’s and Lawyers who I have talked to have no real idea what the legal situation is. There is even a thread on this subject over on e-LEGAL | Gathering and i promised you an answer too. People’s gut reaction is that they must […]

Practical considerations in buying a GPS Tracker

Which one should you buy? I eventually went for this one – So the actual tracker doesn’t cost that much but you also have to decide whether you want a stand alone system to monitor the tracker information or use a pay as you go website to do it. Also decide whether the tracker will […]

Professional Mini-GPS Tracker

Check oput this new tracker available in the US. It is a small, pocket sized professional GPS tracking device that receives signals from the 24 Department of Defense GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. The new advanced internal computer accurately determines the location of the device within 2.5 meters and records this data every second. According […]