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New burglary techniques

Security is a concept often talked about here, but rarely practiced.This news report is a description of how a burglary can happen, (what the Americans call a ‘home invasion.”) Chile has a similar concept which is named ‘portonaso,’ where the burglars attack the victim as… Read More »New burglary techniques

Repossessions in Chile

It’s been an amazing week. We just got back after a 2000km round trip of our ‘División de Incautaciones‘ (Repossessions Department) where we dealt with over 25 cases including missing tractors, refrigeration machinery and various cars. We are agents for several large banks, financial houses… Read More »Repossessions in Chile

Serving foreign process in Chile

As Chile based process servers, Jorge Salgado-Reyes and his Private Investigator agency Salgado Investigations deliver important legal documents to people who are supposed to appear in court — people who sometimes don’t want to receive these important legal documents. A legal process server delivers legal documents such as Court Orders, Injunctions, Non-Molestation Orders, Anti Social Behaviour Orders, Summons, Subpoenas, complaints and other civil court documents to a defendant or an individual involved in a court case.