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The Many Roles of a Private Investigator

A private investigator has so many roles that it would be an immense task to list them all in this document.  The SIA (Security Industry Agency) published a paper on this subject (SIA Research: Private Investigator Best Practice) in an effort to define the roles of a Private Investigator. SIA research identified that there were […]

What Is a Private Investigator?

A Private Investigator is a person who conducts investigations, usually for a private citizen, business, or organization. They also work for Solicitors in civil cases and criminal cases on behalf of a client. Private investigators have been around since time immemorial, whenever someone has needed to find someone, or to watch someone, a private investigator […]

Cops Who Started ‘Hackers Are Us’ Service Convicted

Yes, “Hackers Are Us,” a private investigation firm that would illegally install “keyloggers” on anyone’s computer was run by two moonlighting cops. For future reference, though, if you’re setting up a business to do illegal stuff, it’s probably not a good idea to advertise it in your name. This case was about blatant breaches of […]

Maxim’s Private Investigator

Sometimes you don’t have to do anything and the media write about you. Well tell a lie, Neil Sheppard from Trident Investigations got a call one day from a journalist writing for Maxim Magazine about Private Investigators. He mentions my name as well as another member of ELG and the next thing you know, i […]

How to become a private investigator

I bet that when you think about what a Private Investigator is, you think Sherlock Holmes or ITV’s Vincent or even Magnum. Whatever your preconception, the reality is likely to be very different. So what is it? What do they do and how do they do it? The SIA are preparing to license the Private […]

Identity Theft

Identity theft is rampant all over the world. More and more people are finding suspicious charges on their credit cards and receiving bills for loans they never applied for. Some people do not know they have been victims of identity theft until they check their credit report. If you find that you have been the […]