I live in the U.S. I had to locate someone in Chile. I had nowhere to turn to for help and no one seemed to care. Jorge at Salgado Investigations did care. He took the time to listen and kept me apprised of every development and through his diligent work, he was able to bring closure and peace to my family. The situations we all struggle with in life are made easier with men who are trustworthy and honest. If you are needing someone in your corner that you can trust, look no further. – Joseph Surrette

I wanted to find someone that I last saw 55 years ago. Jorge Salgado-Reyes found her by using intelligent research and persistence and at the same time showing sympathy and discretion. I highly recommend his service. – Alice Shields, U.K.

I would like to take the time to say, thank you to Salgado Investigations for the prompt response to my questions when needing documents served outside the United States. My documents were served in a timely and professional manner. I would definitely use this company again should a need arise and would definitely recommend their services. – A. Cortez (Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C., Miami, Florida).

I would sincerely recommend Salgado Investigations to anybody seeking a true professional private investigation service. His honesty and prompt results were very impressive. – Ross H.

J**** was served, and the papers are on their way. Mostly wanted to say I am very impressed with your service. I was in a very awful situation. Since when I lived in Santiago I was not able to make any friends and was in a highly abusive situation. I had no one to help me ‘ inside Chile’… No one that was willing. If they were, they wanted thousands. Since my bank account had been emptied, twice, by my husband I really could not afford to pay a lot of money. Your price was very reasonable. – JP

Rodolfo’s communication and execution of the serving were extremely well done. I have no complaints. He kept me very up to date with everything and even sent me a picture of when he was there. It really set my mind at ease that I could trust who was doing this step. – RD

SO happy to have stumbled across your site. I don’t know what I would have done without this help. Thank you very much!! – M

Thank you Salgado Investigations!!!! I recently had to find out whether my so called boyfriend was married or not. He recently went to Chile (where he’s from). Due to Rodolfo and Jorge’s investigations, I have now discovered that he is a low life cheater! Thanks once again – Anita Marwick

Salgado Investigations offer an excellent service. They gave me confidence from the outset that they would be successful, I was kept informed throughout, and despite some unexpected difficulties they had to overcome, they persevered and did an excellent job, I got exactly what I wanted.

If I need a similar service again, and there is every chance I might, then there will be no hesitation from me. It will be Salgado Investigations. Many thanks to Jorge & Rodolfo. – Mike Carus

My wife had spent a small fortune on various online people-finding services to try and find an old friend – they were all useless. As soon as I found out what she was up to I instantly remembered that I’d heard a few people speak highly of Salgado-Investigations. I called them and gave them the very few details we had. Unbelievably they got back to me within a few hours with full contact details. My wife and her friend are delighted to be back in touch with each other. – Duane Jackson (KashFlow)

Thank you for your prompt service of the documents. We will definitely be using your services in future and will spread the word to our colleagues here in Jamaica. Thank you again. – Sharlene Blake (Archer, Cummings & Company, Jamaica, W.I.)

I approached Salgado Investigations with a very complex problem, but, in the main, it was with regard to the true identity of an individual. Once I had explained the situation and given relevant details to Jorge, I had my answer within weeks. The costs were agreed beforehand and very fair, for the level of work this investigation involved . I could not have resolved this situation to my satisfaction, had it not been for Salgado Investigations, thanks, Jorge! – Liz

I was recently let down by a freelance telemarketer who ‘disappeared’ and would not reply to calls or e-mails. Whilst he had not been paid so that I was not out of money, he had my information and I did not know who he had called on behalf of my company – which meant that either I would not follow through on commitments made to them on behalf of the company or I would end up calling them again and look really bad. Salgado within minutes of getting what little data I had tracked him down via his partners online business allowing me to track him down via the website number. And all of this was on a Sunday, as well.

This was wonderful service. I was seriously annoyed at being treated in this way and somewhat frustrated by my inability to do anything about it. I now know where he got with the campaign and can take over from there and have the satisfaction if being able to demonstrate that I take customer care and my business’ reputation very seriously.

So thank you Salgado Investigations! – Lisette (HireScores.com – rating recruitment)

Just to let you know I got that court order for my son’s school. If it wasn’t for you mate I wouldn’t know where my son was. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to find somebody, many thanks. – Tony

I was very impressed with the service that we received from you. I have asked our Knowledge team to store your details so that anyone needing process serving in future can contact you. – James Popperwell (Addleshaw Goddard Solicitors, London).

Thank you for all your assistance in this matter, I have been very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your investigation. – Eve Poole (Goodmans Solicitors, Liverpool).