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Repossessions in Chile

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It’s been an amazing week. We just got back after a 2000km round trip of our ‘División de Incautaciones‘ (Repossessions Department) where we dealt with over 25 cases including missing tractors, refrigeration machinery and various cars.

We are agents for several large banks, financial houses and leasing companies, contracted by them to dispose of leased vehicles for repossession and location of goods.

Salgado Investigations is a recognized leader in the market in the provision of specialized services for the recovery of assets, motor vehicles, equipment and other services of recovery to the sectors of Banking and Finance, Collection of debts, Corporate and Insurance.

All strategies for recovery are formulated on the basis of our client’s instructions and our thorough investigation of all related problems prior to the execution of any recovery task. This preparation ensures the maximum opportunity for recovery as well as the preparation of our field agents for possible compliance, public relations or other problems that may result once in the field.

Our vast experience in the field places Salgado Investigations in an ideal position to help our clients in challenging repossessions while maintaining strict regulatory compliance at all times.

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